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Meditation for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Michelle Brass | 20 March

The popularity of meditation in modern times is for good reason!  This ancient practice has remarkable effects on the body as well as the mind and spirit.

Taking time ‘out’ of the normal daily routine to practice meditation helps to reduce stress levels and as a flow on effect, reduces pain and increases our ability to cope with discomfort.

As any meditator will tell you, much of our ‘pain’ is generated by the mind, so when we harness the ‘monkey mind’ and find stillness between our thoughts, our ability to be peaceful brings healing to the whole system.

Whilst it may be challenging at first, over time, the brain adjusts to this new mode.

Scientist Candice Pert says that “simply bringing awareness to the process of breathing initiates the release of peptide molecules from the hindbrain to regulate breathing while unifying all systems”.

Meditation & Mindfulness for the Body, Mind & Spirit

To get started:

  • Find a comfortable and quiet space to sit where you will not be disturbed, and you feel supported by a chair/cushions
  • Allow the eyes to close and take your attention to the breath moving in and out of the body
  • Simply acknowledge any thoughts that arise as passing phenomena - don’t try to fight them or engage with them, and where there is physical pain, take the same approach of ‘objective awareness’
  • Keep your mind with the breath – try to do this for 10 inhalations and exhalations, then increase over time

With regular practice, meditation brings about peace, increased focus and clarity as well as relieving pain.