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We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how our Zea Relief products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the experiences and success stories our Zea Lovers have had over the years:
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Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Bulk Size)
Ria Tims (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
It is a great product.

I am one of those people that take their time putting a review on the site. I am an artist and do a lot of ‘standing in front of my easel’ which is very stressful on the legs and back. I have arthritis in my lower back and hips and it is quite debilitating especially over a long period of time standing.
I bought a little sample of your cream which of course was rather useless, there is nothing in that little pouch. I then decided to buy a tube and try it out which seemed to help me in one sense, but I realised that I needed to keep using it daily to actually say and state that it is doing what it should be doing.
I must admit that after using the whole tube I do think that it was the best product that I have bought and as well I have tried EVERYTHING.
Some weeks ago I bought the large bottle and I am already half way through it.
I love the product and I did recommend it to my sports physio. She took note and a photo of it.
I shall continue to use it and shall recommend it to people especially to those that are suffering from arthritis like myself.

Fresh and long lasting

The lemon myrtle oil is such a fresh smell. Use it as a linen spray, put it into an oil burner or a few drops in my banksia pod. Excellent product, will re-order.

Natural Ointment of Bliss.

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist who has rheumatoid arthritis and a bit of osteo arthritis my thumbs.
I seriously couldn't believe the relief I have.
Especially in my thumbs!
Which has become less tight and sore.
I loved the first order, so I bought more for my partner's place and car!
The service is efficient also.

Thank you so much.
I'm spreading the word already.

Island Blend Honey
Graham Rees (Torquay, VIC, AU)
Beautiful honey

Loved the island blend honey, thought it was slightly nicer than the kunzea, will buy again

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Value Pack)
Elke Dwiar (Chambers Flat, QLD, AU)
Kunzea Cream

Love this cream always helps with various aches and pains ,even muscle cramps and I love using it in my massage room

Kunzea Muscle Balm
A.M. (Kanab, UT, US)
Kick in nose miracle healing balm

I was kicked in the face by a six year old and I used my kunzea balm to help sooth the pain and ‘scuff’ marks. People were amazed that in two days how the inflammation was almost done!! I am grateful for your products! Found y’all about 4 years ago and will be devoted customer to the end!

Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Home
Meg (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Perfect aroma therapy diffuser

I love my diffuser because I can leave it on longer ( even while I’m sleeping ) . It’s been a great support to diffuse my rosé geranium , peppermint and bergamot essential oils which I’m using to support a health condition . The photo isn’t styled - that’s where it’s sits on the bench and diffuses to the whole house .

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Bulk Size)
Paul Hayes (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

Well I came across this product on FB and with all my aches and pains I thought what have I to lose
Well absolutely everything 👍👍pain All gone
I use oil on my wrists as I have arthritis and rsi I then use cream on my tennis elbow and on my Bursitis, tendon issues in my shoulder and it seems like a miracle let me say 👍👍 AAA from Me as it allows me to get through my day pain free 😉 loved it that much I bought the bulk size and take small with me when I go to work incase I need it.

Awesome product

Thank you for the sample pain relief cream,it helped me with my lower back pain and pain in my knee.The smell is a bit strong but it worked for me I will buy again.

Kunzea Roll On Liniment
Kym (Bunbury, WA, AU)

I brought Zea relief just before Christmas and I'm so glad I did. I purchased The Kunzea Bulk size pain relief cream and Roll on.
This cream is amazing to get some relief from pain for just a couple of hours is a welcome relief. Anyone with any sort of Athritis or aches and pains I swear by it, and I
the fact thats its natural. The Roll On is great to carry around with you, just pop it in your bag or car and your never without it.
I have just placed another order for some more.
Thank you Zea I would recommend your products to anyone. ♡

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Bulk Size)
Michelle Malsem (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Kunzea Pain Relief Cream

What a soothing scented blend that’s combined, it’s so refreshing and relaxing at the same time.
I use it after my shower every morning and night.
I suffer from chronic pains and it definitely helps me more mobilized…
I just love this product and will always buy it 🙂

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Bulk Size)
Linda Collard (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Zea pain relief

I started with the 50 g tube to try it out, I was so happy with the pain relief for bursitis in both hips and the nerve pain in my neck, I purchased the bulk size.
I am now sleeping comfortably for the first time in two years.
I have also been impressed with your prompt delivery.
Thank you for making a wonderful product.

Original Kunzea Cream
Rafn (Orange, NSW, AU)
It works

I purchased original kunzea cream an it is smooth an non greasy

I have been practising electrocuting Karate for 37 years. I am now instructor at my own school, so somewhere along the line you are bound to incur some injuries. I’ve tried most creams on the market, and then I came across zea on Facebook. I thought I’ve tried everything else I might as well try this. I have found Zia to be the most helpful to my problems. I had a broken wrist and headed operated on five times. I’ve had two operations on my right knee and I’ve had three broken toes. However, using Xia I find the best relief out of all the products I have tried, I would recommend it to anybody. In fact, I keep a tube of zero cream at my Dojo to make sure that anybody has sore muscle or nagging injuries. I get them to use it and I love it as well as I do.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Bulk Size)
Owen Kerswell (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Bilateral Knee Replacements

Bought the product several years ago to help with bone on bone knee pain and ewcently I purchased it again in bull to assist with the bilateral knee replacements discomfort after doing the water physio stretching. I rub in into the front of the knees, slap on an icepack and wrap it up using a 5 meter snake bite bandage. Works lovely to manage the physio discomfort.

Concentrated Combo [Extra-Strength!]
Andree Horn (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Relaxing with Zea .

I have chronic pain & use Zea products to massage my hip & leg .I find it very soothing & the fragrance helps relax me. I also use it several times a day.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Value Pack)
Colleen (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
CD Victoria

Both my hubby and I Are loving kunzea pain relief cream we both have hip and knee issues and it’s stopped the pain and we are feeling great ! Im telling everyone about this amazing product !

Bergamot Essential Oil
Joanne Hernandez (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Bergamot, Clearing & Uplifting 100% Pure Essential Oil - 10mls

I just love, this Australian, organic, pure essential oil, 10mls. It has clearing and calming qualities, to make way for a restful sleep. It has a pleasant fragrance.
I highly recommend this Zea product. I know I can rely on these pure products.
Thank you, again Zea, another happy customer.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
J.C. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
for all sport persons

Playing badminton, my knee was always sore after a big session or a tournament .
I have been using the Kunzea pain relief cream for a couple of months now, this product is amazing and has certainly helped me to reduce the inflammation and the soreness of my knee.
I would absolutely recommended this product to all active sportspersons.
The application is so easy , smells nice and penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy sensation .

Kunzea Cream Duo
Clare C (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Love it

I am really happy with the product. It works and I love the smell. I am a repeat customer and have given it as gifts to friends

Kunzea Cream Duo
Antonia Psaros (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Pain relief cream.

I can honestly say that this is the only product that has eased the pain in my knee and my lower back. I’ve tried pain relief medication prescribed by my doctor but nothing seems to work. This cream does work!!! I recommend it highly.

Kunzea Cream Duo
Peter Delorenzo (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Kunzea pain relief cream

This product is fantastic and it works giving me the pain relief I need when I need it most.
Thank you for the great product.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream [Free Gift]
Rhelma Stewart (Duranbah, NSW, AU)
Kunzea Pain Relief Cream

I have osteoarthritis in my hip. This cream has really helped me on the painful days with great relief. It works quickly & numbs the pain ,allowing me to sleep.

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil
Kim Moore (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Does the job. 🙂

The pain relief cream and oil does what we bought it for. Well done. 🙂👍

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Value Pack)
Rhiannon (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Pain in my feet from Fibromyalgia

With my Fibromyalgia the pain in my feet can keep me up all night unable to sleep, during the day I can have constant pain & sharp lightning strikes, this debilitating pain makes me feel breathless.
This use to be everyday but now using the cream, I find that my bad days are fewer.
I use this cream every night before going to bed, in the morning before work & sometimes use it again during the day if my Fibromyalgia is in a Flare Up.
This cream has helped me considerably reducing my pain levels in my feet so that I can walk & rest without the pain being so overwhelming, it doesn't take it all away but makes it more bearable.
I have also found the pain in my hands has been reduced too, since rubbing into my feet twice a day.
I have been using your cream for the last year & I recommended it.
Thank you