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We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how our Zea Relief products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the experiences and success stories our Zea Lovers have had over the years:
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Kunzea Pain Relief Cream [Value Pack]
Mary Norman (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Best pain relief ever

I have been using Kuzea Pain Relief
Crème for about 18 months. I used other brands before I found this magic crème. Let my clients know about its amazing results. It’s a real 🏆 winner

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil
Kristie Hecimovic (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
I even bought the in-laws some

I've been using the Kunzea massage oil and lotion for about two weeks and I can actually say that it works!!! I even bought my out-laws a bundle for Christmas

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil
Nikki Fletcher (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Absolutely amazing product..

I purchased these products to help with my back pain fir some relief, to my amazement it works almost instantly. I use the massage oil first then followed by the pain relief cream. I have tried so many different products but this tops them all, no need for extra help with nurofen. I totally recommend these products. I now have all my neighbours using it & work mates as well.. Try it you will be amazed.. Thankyou Zea.. 🙂

Concentrated Combo [Extra-Strength!]
Hee-Lian Foreman (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Has good effects from the concentrates

I have use both. The cream is being applied to my arthritic joints while I have used the oil on muscle pains. One of the poor joints is my digit of the pointer finger.
Would certainly buy them again

Manuka Bioactive Honey [MGO 100+]
Nicholas Corby (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Manuka honey

Great tasting rich honey. The Kiwis can no longer claim sole ownership .

Concentrated Combo [Extra-Strength!]
Damo (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Great product second order

Bought this again, cos of my arthritic feet knees and ankles, It doesnt have the strong smell like Tigerbalm, Deep Heat ect which can be irritating around others.
Kunzea pain relief has a pleasant smell and not noticeable on you when Im out.
Will buy again when I runout thank you cheers

Kunzea Honey (250g)
C. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Amazing Tasmania Honey

It”s best Kunzea honey & best tasted. I have it on Porridge in Yoghurt with Honey spoonful in my hot Tea every night 👍👍👌👌

Kunzea + Magnesium Duo [NEW!]
Cynthia Parker (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Sleep issues

I recently started using magnesium chloride spray on going to bed at night. A couple of pumps of spray rubbed on the soles of my feet, on top of my feet, on my shins and calves and thighs. The quality of my sleep has improved considerably. If I wake in the middle of the night for a toilet stop I am usually successful in getting back to sleep for another 3-4 hours by applying a small amount of Zea relief cream to my hands. While it is not primarily for pain relief I believe that the fragrance plays a part in relaxing my brain and helping me get back to sleep.
I went into Terry White chemist in Melbourne Central yesterday to describe my experiences with magnesium chloride spray in conjunction with Zea cream to relieve my long term insomnia issues. While they already stock Zea cream I recommended that they also stock magnesium chloride.
Very happy that I stumbled across this recommendation in one of Zea’s very informative health updates.
Thank you.

Love my chakra coloured bracket

Wow 🤩 love how this chakra coloured bracket with added drops of Kunzea essential oil has reduced my wrist arthritis pain. I Wont go a day without it on now - THANK-you xx

Joint & Mobility Trio
Rosie Thorp (Devonport, TAS, AU)
My best friend

I am the biggest fan of Kunzea cream. During my time before and after hip replacement this cream was there to relieve my pain. I have a lot of arthritis so I keep a tube right by my bed to use when needed in the night. This cream is the most effective pain relief I have found! I have recommended to many people.

Kunzea Essential Oil
Sue Branson (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Unbelievable Relief!!

I tried the Massaging Oil for the first time on a finger that has just become painful with arthritis. The Relief was amazing and because it was massage oil it glided over the joints - brilliant and instant relief.

Mystery Wellness Box - Spring Edition
David Belton (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Posive Review

I trust the Kunzea operation and products . I am a satisfied repeat customer

Kunzea Cream Duo
Gail Aitken
Amazing Products

My sister remembered this product when she lived in Australia.
I have tried heaps of different creams from NZ but this 1 is the best by far.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream [Value Pack]
Kerrie Zubin (Yarrawonga, VIC, AU)
Great help with arthritis pain relief

I am waiting on a hip replacement and have arthritis in my lower spine. I am intolerant to strong pain medication and find the Kunzea cream helps tremendously with the pain. I rub is on morning and night. It helps relief the pain so I can sleep better.

Manuka Bioactive Honey [MGO 100+]
Rose (Mornington Peninsula) (Melbourne, VIC, AU)

Brought the Kunzea Honey for the first time and so glad I did. Tastes divine and so smooth. My two son’s absolutely love the taste. Will only by my true honey from here from now on.
More than happy to support local produce

Fantastic for pain relief

I originally bought one of the Kunzea oils and the Kunzea pain relief creams from the Sydney Royal Easter show last year. It worked very well for pain in my lower back. I recommended it to my mother and father who had back/knee pain. My mum loved it so much she wanted me to buy a second tube of the cream, so I bought a three pack to stick up for both of us! Great product and all natural with no nasty smells like some of the other muscle pain relief creams. Light texture, almost like a hand, cream and absorbers quickly with no sticky residue.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
M.S. (Cairns, QLD, AU)
Great relief

I've certainly tried a lot of different creams for pain, but this is by far the best one. Thankyou so much I can now sleep at night xx

Meditation Lifestyle Blend
Meg (Sydney, NSW, AU)
One of my favourites

This is one that I like to reorder along with the Calming Blend and Stress Relief . They’re blends of beautiful oils to diffuse and really do create a sense of calm for your mind and body .

Blue Cypress Essential Oil
Meg (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Beautiful oils

Love the quality and variety of all the Zea oils I’ve ordered - thank you .

Best-Selling Natural Relief Pack
Dianne McCristal (Sunshine Coast, QLD, AU)
Great Product!

This is my second order for Zea Products as I am very happy with pain relief results! I use the Cream for Nerve pain in legs, the Muscle Balm for knee pain and Arthritis pain in my hands. The roll-on oil is handy for my handbag and can rub it on my back when needed. Thank You, will continue purchasing.

Magnesium Oil Topical Spray
Joanne Hernandez (Adelaide, SA, AU)

MAGNESIUM OIL TOPICAL SPRAY is an Australian natural product. I use this on my lower back, knees and hip. It works well to minimize any pain. It's easy to apply and best of all it works. Thank you Zea another happy customer. I can highly recommend this product.

Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Fern
Victoria Carkeet (Perth, WA, AU)
Touch of freshness by my Fern Diffuser

I purchased this when I was wanting the freshness of essential oils to permeate through my small unit. I love the ZEA products and use quite a few especially their cream for my arthritis. I have not been disappointed in this diffuser either as it is doing the job perfectly. It sits on my counter between the kitchen and my small dining space. The fern colour and design is gentle and non intrusive.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream [Value Pack]
Glenda lawrence (Gold Coast, QLD, AU)

I have used Zea pain relief before and marveled how it reduced my muscle pain right away so I ordered Zea Relief again and it is still most amazing product, pain becomes less and less with each application. So glad I purchased Zea Pain Relief

FREE Kunzea Pain Relief Cream - 50g
Rachel H (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
A Great Product!!!

Kunzea Pain Relief cream keeps my hands moving, which means I can still work and I can still pay my bills. Thank you Kunzea.

Kunzea Honey (250g)
Deanna Palmer (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

I have been feeling a little snuffly lately and a warm lemon and Kunzea Honey drink is very delicious and soothing. The honey on its own is so silky and flowery, I just love it!