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Tis’ The Zea-son: Zea's 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Kaylin Goh | 31 October

Treat your loved ones with the gift of Zea!

Avoid the last-minute panic and get your Christmas gift shopping done early - with a little help from your friends at Zea! 

We know how stressful it can be to find the perfect presents. That’s why this year, we’ve curated the ultimate Christmas gift guide featuring the very best of our range.

From your green thumb granddad, to your active aunties, and your gourmand girlfriends —we’ve got every person in your life covered. Get shopping and save Santa the trip while you take home the award for best gift giver this year!



Nothing says 'I want you to live healthily ever after' than a gift from Zea!


Kunzea Pain Relief Cream Value Pack

For the hardworking man in your life, our #1 best seller will help relieve muscle aches, joint and nerve pain!

Kunzea Roll On Liniment

The perfect stocking stuffer, our on-the-go natural relief roll-on can be taken along for the day to ensure he’s keeping any aches or discomfort at bay.

Zea Active Magnesium Spray Duo

Pair this dynamic duo for the ultimate soothing and reviving combination after his gruelling session in the gym!


Kunzea Muscle Revive Pack

Our soothing trio helps revive and recharge tired muscles and increase overall vitality.

Island Blend Honey

A delicious blend of bee’s nectar from various sources such as coastal tea tree, kunzea and blue gum, our 100% raw, unprocessed honey is sure to sweeten up her day!

Lifestyle Blends & Diffuser Bundle

The perfect bundle for any aromatherapy beginner!



Keep your busy mum lithe and limber this Christmas!

Travel Well Pack

Always have natural relief on hand! Ideal for family trips, sporting activities, during physical work or at the gym.

Stress Relief Lifestyle Blend Essential Oil 

Relieve stress, tension or anxiety with our nourishing and soothing essential oil. 

MAGZEA Sports Cooling Spray

Designed to work quickly, our magnesium-infused spray provides long-lasting and refreshing muscle relief after a tough workout.



Gifts for parents or grandparents who #gardenlife

Kunzea Muscle Balm

Backaches from pulling weeds? Our all-natural body balm is perfect for soothing muscles and calming bruises. 

Concentrated Combo-Extra Strength

Our #1 best-seller, a topical analgesic cream plus our highly-concentrated massage oil, is perfect for sore gardening knees.

Original Kunzea Cream

For dry, achy hands, our Original Kunzea cream is the ultimate anti-inflammatory moisturiser.



Gifts for active kids, parents or grandparents who need a little post-workout care!

Relief & Recovery Duo

After a sweaty session at the gym, our 100% natural anti-inflammatory cream and MAGZEA Sports Cooling Spray work harmoniously together to provide long-lasting pain relief from any muscle soreness, aches, joint and nerve pain.

MAGZEA Sports Recovery Bath Salts

Perfect for the athlete in your life, a 10-minute soak with a handful of our bath salts helps revive tired and overworked muscles.

Magnesium Topical Spray

Harnessing the natural powers of magnesium, our spray can help replenish the body’s magnesium levels—and therefore boost muscle and bone health—whilst supporting overall health and well-being.



Gifts to spice up the life of your foodie family or friends!

Dried Kunzea Leaf

This versatile herb is sure to be a crowd favourite! With aromatics of eucalyptus and citrus and a sweet taste of honey, it can be used to enhance a range of dishes—from roasted vegetables to soups and salads!

Raw Honey Trio [Value Pack]

Delight their taste buds with three different honey varieties—all sourced from the pristine wilderness of North-East Tasmania. 

Handcrafted Wooden Grinder

Made from sustainably sourced Beech or Black Walnut timber, our salt and pepper grinders feature a fully adjustable grind setting with 14 options.



Gifts for the ultimate zen-zone.

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil

Essential for any hard-core yogi, our highly-concentrated natural oil is ideal for deep tissue remedial massage and relieving discomfort.

Chakra Essential Oil Blends Starter Kit 

A whole mind-body-spirit experience, introduce your yogi to the world of chakras with this comprehensive beginner’s gift pack.

MAGZEA Sports Recovery Bath Salts

Our reviving, magnesium-infused bath salts help restore the mind and body after a tough session in the studio.



Indulge and delight your fancier family and friends!

Zea Gourmet Salt ‘n’ Seasoning Gift Pack

The ultimate gift pack for the ultimate foodie—our Native Blend Pink Salt, Tasmanian Native Pepper Medley, Dried Kunzea and two Wooden Grinders—are sure to elevate their seasoning game!

Kunzea Bath Salts

Indulge and unwind, our bath salts help soak away tension and stress and even make a luxurious full body scrub.

Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Flare

Add some ambience, with our sleek, wooden aromatherapy diffuser perfect for essential oils and setting the mood with colour-changing light options.



Double down on domesticity with these #homelife gifts!

Complete Kunzea Health & Wellness Bundle 

Turn up self-care this Christmas with our Complete Kunzea Health & Wellness Bundle—the best of Kunzea for your happy homebody!  

Breathe Easy Lifestyle Blend

Perfect for a rainy day, this beautiful blend of essential oils helps decongest airways and promotes easy breathing, relaxation and better sleep.

Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Stone

The ideal accessory for working from home, our beautiful ceramic-cover diffuser is designed to fit into small desk spaces, tighter corners, bookshelves and even the car’s cup holder!



Gifts to spoil the ones who just can't get enough of the good life!

Kunzea Bath Salts

Nourish tired bodies with our hand-harvested bath salts from the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The high levels of sea minerals and marine trace elements will melt the aches away. 

Flinders Island Honey n’ Comb Duo

Introduce them to a symphony of flavours with our honey and honeycomb duo.

Lavender Essential Oil

Relieve headaches, manage stress and instil calmness with one of our most popular essential oils.



Gifts for your loving larrikins.

Best-Selling Natural Relief Pack

100% Australian-made, our Natural Relief Pack ticks all the boxes! 

Native Salt ‘n’ Pepper Duo

Up the ante with our Australian Native duo which harmoniously blends native pepper, Australian Saltbush, Tasmanian Kunzea and Australian Pink Lake Salt.

Australian Native Aroma Duo

Celebrate Christmas in the bush with our Kunzea and Fragonia Essential Oils and included Bamboo Diffuser.



Zea Gift Card

Don’t know exactly what to buy? Send them the gift of choice with our e-Gift card!


Whether it’s for a family member, friend, workmate or neighbour, between our bountiful bundles or our best-selling sets, there’s something for everyone at Zea!

From our family to yours, thank you for being part of our goal to improve the quality of life and enrich the well-being of 10 million people worldwide by 2030—we’re one year and thousands closer. We wish you a very happy holiday season and can’t wait to see you in the new year!

Have any questions about any of our products or wanting to find something specific for that special someone, that might not be included in our guide? Our team are always happy to help. 

Please reach out on with any questions, or view our full product collection here.