FAQs - Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey

100% Raw Kunzea Honey

What is the difference between Kunzea Honey and Manuka Honey? 

Kunzea Honey is produced from the bees that harvest from the Kunzea ambigua plant. This is the same species that Kunzea Oil is produced from, and is native to Tasmania and the coastal regions of southeast Australia.

Whereas, Manuka Honey is produced from bees that harvest from the Leptospermum Scoparium plant. This species is native to New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia. 

We believe Kunzea has the potential to be Australia’s equivalent to Manuka in New Zealand. 

Why do you not have an MGO or UMF rating?

MGO and UMF rating systems have been developed specifically for Manuka Honey and is not applicable to other medicinal honey varieties. This rating system tests methylglyoxal, which is the compound which makes Manuka Honey special. Since Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is produced from the Kunzea ambigua species, the compounds are different and therefore MGO and UMF rating systems are not relevant.

We are in the early stages of conducting research into the medicinal properties of Kunzea Honey and better understanding its unique compounds. We are excited to see the results we can uncover.

Kunzea ambigua essential oil on Flinders Island Tasmana

What makes Kunzea Honey so unique? 

Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is one of a kind! It is one of the first times honey has been produced from the pollen of the Kunzea ambigua flower.

It is organically harvested from bees foraging in the remote and pristine wilderness of Flinders Island, Tasmania. It is a nutritional, multi-floral honey and has a deliciously sweet taste and aroma. Sourced from such a remote location, it is some of the most organic honey in the world.

100% raw, cold-extracted and unfiltered, this premium honey contains the natural benefits of Kunzea.

What are the benefits of Kunzea Honey? 

Here are some of the core benefits Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey:

✓ 100% Raw Tasmanian Honey
✓ Organic and GMO-Free
✓ Independently Tested
✓ For Health and Wellbeing
✓ Fully-Traceable
✓ Natural Medicinal Properties
✓ Unfiltered and Unprocessed

...and most importantly, delicious!

What is "100% raw" honey? 

Raw honey has not been significantly heated or filtered after extracting from the hive. Honey naturally contains vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. It also contains antioxidants such as polyphenols, as well as enzymes and amino acids. The less you process honey the more likely you are to retain all this natural goodness.

Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is 100% raw & unfiltered. It has only been gently strained to remove large particles of wax, and therefore retains all the natural goodness of real honey including pollen. Packed with all the goodness naturally found in honey, all we’ve done is add a label. Raw & Unfiltered honey may look slightly cloudy and may crystallise over time.

Why has my honey crystallised and how do I liquify it? 

Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is completely unpasteurised and unfiltered to remain just as our bees intended, so if your honey does set, please be assured that this is a natural process and attributable to pure, raw unprocessed honey.

To return your honey to liquid form, simply place your jar in warm water for 15 minutes. Also, ensure you store your honey in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

Where is Kunzea Honey produced? 

Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is 100% Australian Made and Produced. In fact, it is sourced from one of the most remote and pristine locations in Australia - on Flinders Island, Tasmania in the Bass Strait.